Top 10 Places to Visit in Kerala

Posted by: on August 30, 2021

Kerala a southern state rich with culture, tradition, modernization and greenery. Rich in beach side among Arabian sea and the crescent dim light view hypnotize Honeymooners.

Pristine place with forestry, national parks and wildlife sanctuaries to the beach side restore pleasure and waterfall fascinating views stick you to the place. Kerala state is an Idyllic part of southern India.

Also, reach in Tea plantation greenery. Kerala state is multiple sobriquets like God’s Own Country, Spice Garden of India and Land of Coconuts. And Kerala is a proud recipient of all these.Exquisite and tradition mirroring places and varied demographics converted Kerala to most renowned tourist destination in India.

Here are some of the most important places to visit in Kerala:

1. Kumarakom

Places to Visit in Kerala

The hometown of largest lake in Kerala, Vembanad lake, a crowd jewel for territory. The aromatic view of the lake from the host of resorts with pocket range deals convince tourist for the destination. Fascinating part of Vembanad lake is its panoramic view, backwaters yachting, and fishing experiences.

In addition to this is are various Kerala points of interest. A Bird Sanctuary, which is a habitat for multiple species of birds like Siberian stork, wild duck, etc. Wide variety of flora and fauna are common view for Kumarakom peoples.

The most exquisite houseboat races are main lead in Kumarakom, more then 1000 oarsmen in boats have great fun and have various events with the various varieties their boats.

Kumarakom has its route connection through boats, rails and even by air ways just 80 km from Cochin International Airport. The surreal Taj Garden Retreat is the initiative and thus was the 1st modern tourist resort, from where the art of ancient royal personalities can’t be skipped.

The idyllic view with long coconut grooves, boating thrill and the peaceful breath makes it one of the best places to visit in Kerala. Everything in a tour in Kumarakom is graceful but the food adds stars. Lavish and traditional food is the value accent.

2. Munnar

Places to Visit in Kerala

An idyllic town with mystical hill stations and breathtaking atmosphere, hypnotize Honeymooners to proceed their plans in Munnar. The widely spread Tea plantation and its mesmerizing view, which looks like green carpet fascinate the crowd.

There are four directions in beauteous Munnar, lest began with Mattupatty Direction. It has a paradise of a rose garden, Cowboy park and the Kundala Dam including Carmelagiri Elephant Park.

It is an essential part of Kerala tourism. Now comes Thekkedy direction which is a combination of fascinating views of Single point view point, aromatic periyakanal water falls, Lockhart Gap view point, Anayirangal Dam providing boating for crowd gathering plus Thankaish Cave.

Apart from these, various other Kerala points of interest include a place for devotion named Davikulam Sri Ayyappan temple. The third one is Adimanly Direction which has beautiful views of Pothamedu View point, spices plantation and Cheeyapara Waterfalls.

Last comes the Coimbatore direction which is a host of forestry in the town. Marayur Sandle forest having Eravikulam National park with lakkan Water falls completes its importance. Munnar is one of the best places to visit in Kerala. It has wide variety of exotic flora and fauna.

Kurinjimala Sanctuary, the Indra Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary and many more are commonly and no doubtful have massive species of the same. With the mixture of spices and view of widely spread Tea plantation greenery adds the best location for any couple to retreat them.

3 Wayanad

Places to Visit in Kerala

Wayanad is a pristine town of Kerala state. The entrance of Wayanad is a holy patriotic with Pulpally the majestic Luv Kush temple in Kerala, only Jain temple.

The most crowd jewel for Wayanad is its surreal atmosphere, fascinating culture. Wayanad is a pristine combination of exotic natural beauty and keeping an eye towards ancient heritage.

Weather and blossom points like Thusharagini Waterfalls which offers magical views and also have ideal cultural touch. Wayanad having adventurous participation and trekking trials on Banasura Hill, Padinjaeathara Dam, Lakkidi View point and Papanashini River.

Wayanad is a neighbour of Mannar so its pretty obvious to have well-known wildlife conservation and forestry which hereby provides greenery lash view. Kozhikode sea shadowed with verdant hill station is always an attraction of Kerala tourism.

Furthermore, Thirunelli temple and puliyarmala Jain temple gives the pure devotional touch. Overall Wayanad made its place in the top 10 places to visit in Kerala.

4. Kovalam

Places to Visit in Kerala

Kovalam is a town known as beach town on the bank of Arabian sea. The mesmerizing town with a panoramic view from the nearly Lighthouse can’t be expressed in mere words. Everyone must be a live witness of this show. Kovalam beach in the crescent time is just breathtaking.

This beach is majorly known in Kerala tourism for its enthusiastic behaviour during the new year’s eve. Kovalam has foresight of beach on one hand and forestry on the other side. It has its impressions in the field of Ayurvedic treatments also.

The well mentioned and cultured restores on the beach sides are must for the view of sunshine and dim lights when the sun set. Sunbathing fests and water sporting are also subjected there.

In between the path from the Kovalam beach, there are beachwear and Tibetan products that will fascinate you to shop. As Lighthouse beach, Hawah beach, Samundra beach covering with mountains and aromatic grooves of coconut.

Vellayani lake, Karaman river rock-cut caves and Valiathura pier are the sights have their own influence for territory. Vizhinjam Marine Aquarium took your heart out and provides tranquillity peace in Kovalam.

Halcyon castle and Vizhinjam fishing harbour are totally different Kerala points of interest to attract the crowd. With those uncountable enchanting places the flavour of worship just pristine the way to Kovalam.

Holy places like Thiruvallam Parosurama and Kovalam Jama Masjid enhance the beauty of the place with the blessings of God making it one of the best places to visit in Kerala. Except for all the beauty, the best one is the language Malayalam and the good behaviour and cultural tradition never let you down.

5. Thekkady

Places to Visit in Kerala

Thekkady is the host and habitat serving for multiple species of animals. Periyar national park is the crown of Thekkady and mainly the gathering puller to the town. It is shadowed with lash greenery and boom of forestry. Periyar national park has Tigers, sambars, gaurs, lions the main attraction of the national park.

Plus deers, elephants, Nilgiri Langurs, and many more are commonly found there. Nearly situated Periyar lake adds a fascinating view. Now come the royal fields and tea lovers part, Pattumalay Tea Factory – major production of orthodox Tea. Pattumalay is one among the oldest orthodox tea.

Kasathanadan Kalari centre, Deepa world spice and Ayurvedic garden have their importance to a great extent. Kumily, Ramakkalmedu, mudra cultural centre, Vandiperiyar, Chellarkovil, Murikkady, Vandanmedu are few more Kerala points of interest to be witnessed in Thekkady.

The wild vegetation of Thekkady is wildly spread and thus adds a number of destinations with in Thekkady. Elephant junction, a residential area for Elephants. The view of lake on one side and lashed forests on the other end.and the gathered elephants in the mid, gives scenery view.

Except that, Periyar Tiger trail serves Tigers on a great extent and The best part is hunting is a never attaining activity their. Mullaperiyar Dam provides a totally different show in the list. Boat cruise on Periyar river and misty mountain ranges and few southern western ghats provides boating trails and trekking experiences to the visitors.

Trekking along moozhaiyar to Thekkady Gavi is mostly entertaining. Thekkady has a view, wildlife and adventure in the same scene and thus strongly makes it place in the top 10 places to visit in Kerala list.

6. Alleppey

Places to Visit in Kerala

Alleppey the golden town of Kerala. It is among the top cleanest town of India rated by Centre of science and environment. It is having the highest literacy rate in Kerala. Beaches, backwaters, canals and lagoons form it an all-round package.

Alleppey is described as “Venice of the East”. The Alleppey beach is the point from where the beauteous view of the aromatic Laccadive sea is just pristine.

Mallackal Chirap is a festival lasting 10 days is always a pleasure and keeping crowd jewel in the town. Snake boat race took place in the fest, gathers huge tourism. The cobbled pathetic pathways with the cleanliness maintained is really an addition to the beauty.

Backwater trips are most famous among honeymooners with the sparking of stay in houseboats plus the serene show. Krishnapuram palace shows the royalty and the cultural part of the town. Alleppey has various Kerala points of interest such as Kumarakom bird sanctuary, Mevi Museum and holy places like Pathiramonal temple and Shri Krishna temple.

Food is always attractive here. The way of serving on coconut and banana leaves is a totally different experience mainly for foreign tourism. Aleppey is one of the coolest places to visit in Kerala.

Plus to all, fields of paddy convert the view into a greenery show. Fishing and the view of lilies in the lake is a common platform shown on every short distance. Alleppey has the snake boat race which is always a pleasure-seeking among the tourism.

7. Vagamon


“The Scotland of Asia” is the proud nickname of the pristine hill station Vagamon. Western Ghats of Vagamon a cover shield of three hills named Thangal Hill, Murugan and Kurisumala hills.

This shows the devotion of all three religion Hindu, Muslim and Christians. Vagamon have trekking, paragliding, rock climbing and mountaineering making it an integral part of Kerala tourism.

Vagamon pine forest has lush of greenery on the nearer hills. Kurisumala Ashram a hill area full of calm and spiritual delight. Crowd experience trekking and climb up to the hill. Pine forest in Vagamon has lush of pine trees planted in a well-cultured manner aligned in line which has a huge hand for territory to Vagamon.

Paragliding festivals are well part added in Vagamon to pull the crowd. The cultural parting of Hinduism, Christianity and Islam followers are united under one head in Vagamon. In the ancient time, Vagamon is widely used for tea plantation only.

Waterfalls like Maramala Waterfalls, Vagamon falls, are their.

Lakes and ghats are their like Vagamon lake, Mundakayam Ghat. Plus the holy place For Christians, Pattumala Church is their. Vagamon’s garden meadows, dales and Valley of tea production make it one of the best places to visit in Kerala. Vagamon is no doubt naming it as “Scotland of Asia”.

8. Varkala


On the banks of Arabian sea, the Varkala beach is a mesmerizing beach where cliffs are found and lush of greenery. Water, adventure and beach is what defines Varkala. As Varkala has heritage places and religious temples for Kerala tourism.

The most exquisite and oldest one Janardana Swami temple for the devotion of Lord Vishnu. About 2000-year-old Hindu temple Janardana swami temple which is next to Papanasam beach. Vishnu temple, Sarkara Devi Temple, Sri Narayana Guru are few more holy destinations in Varkala.

Papanasam beach is considered very pure and the holy water of this beach wash all the sins and also known for important Ayurveda treatment centre. Paragliding, boat riding, surfing, horse riding and jetting are common practices in Varkala.

The most important part in Varkala is to choose the effective and beach side restore. The seaside view in the dim when the sun is about to set. That mesmerizing view gives aromatic atmosphere, thus best for couples to entertain their life. Palaces near the sea sides are well cultured and mannered and manageable.

Sivagiri Muth, Kappil lake, Papanasam Beach, Varkala tunnel and kaduvayil Thangal Dargah are few parts under the impression poaching destination. Anjengo beaches a historical overview if the town. This fort is under National Heritage Monuments. The beauteous view of Muthalapuzhi lake from the fort is notable. Varkala is undoubtedly among the best places to visit in Kerala.

9. Bekal


A little hamlet of Kerala is a small village of Kasaragod district. Being smaller town it proudly stands in the list of top 10 places to visit in Kerala. The royal and ancient Bekal fort, surrendered by the beauteous beach. Backwaters, hill stations and water sports facilities are there.

Bekal fort is the largest fort among other collection of forts in Kerala. Thus common among the honeymooner’s destination list.

The view of the Arabian sea from the towers is so fascinating that sticks once eyes for hours. Some points of interest such as Kollam Ashtamudi, Kumarakom, Punnamada and Paravur backwaters connects with Bekal backwater. Bekal village is a complete small package retreat.

A perfectly maintained town with beauty in the air, culture, view, and most lovingly is the local language. Transformation facilities are railway line named Bakal fort railway station and connected through NH 66 by road.

10. Kozhikode


Kozhikode district also famously known as Calicut district of Kerala state. It provides holistic touch with historical architecture in one hand and beach show for the modern enchanting. With ancient times show of South India to the modernization on the beach side and resorts nearby.

The renowned temples in Kozhikode are Tali temple, Lokanarkavu Temple, Pisharikavu and Sree Muthappan Payamkcoty. The ancient design of those temples pulls the crowd. Traditional north Indian is also subjected for their traditional folk arts and positive nature of local residential. Kozhikode is one of the best places to visit in Kerala.

Sceneries views of Kappad beach, Kozhikode beach, Poyyoli beach, Kozhippara falls, Thusharagini Waterfalls, Mananchira Conolly canal, Sargaalaya, Kalloyi, Hilite mall are major points of interest which are hypnotizing and enchanting.

The most famous part of Kerala state in romantic weather with ancient times show the cleanest streets. Now comes the final touch of Kozhikode district which is foodies’ thing.

Foodies are open arm welcomed here with Dum biryani, Chatti Pathiri, Kallummakkaya. The local sweet, heart of southern Kerala is Dal halwa rich in proteins, dry fruits and sweet flavour cooked in desi ghee is just woo.


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